2015 Results

FOXHOUNDS: Judge -  Mr Graham Pickering;  Steward - Mr Barry Todhunter

Couples 1st  Ullswater - Novelty and Nifty 2nd Ullswater - Novad and Nimrod 3rd Ullswater - Gunner and Glider

Group  1st  Ullswater 2nd  Cumberland 3rd Ullswater

Un-entered Dog 1st  Ullswater - Nomad 2nd Ullswater - Nimrod  3rd Blencathra - Walter (D. Robinson)

Un-entered Bitch 1st  Blencathra - Memory (The Richardson Family) 2nd Ullswater – Novelty (D. Brannan) 3rd Ullswater – Nifty (D. Brannan)

Entered Dog 1st Blencathra - Sovereign ( Mary Peel) 2nd Blencathra -  Saddler (J.Robinson) 3rd Cumberland Farmers - Trooper

Entered Bitch 1st Blencathra -  Music  (S. Sunderland) 2nd Ennerdale and Eskdale-  Starlight (J. Hinde) 3rd Ullswater – Barmaid (D. Brannan)

BREED CHAMPION Champion: Ullswater  - Nomad Reserve: Blencathra – Memory (The Richardson Family)

BEAGLES: Judge - Debbie O’Brien ; Steward- Mrs Diane Todhunter- Robinson

Couples 1st Bleasdale 2nd Cumbria 3rd Blackcombe

Group 1st Blackcombe 2nd Bleasdale 3rd Blackcombe

Un-entered Dog 1st Cumbria - Calver 2nd Bleasdale - Marksman 3rd Blackcombe - Playboy

Un-entered Bitch  1st Bleasdale - Music 2nd Skye (I. Warburton) 3rd Per Ar Dua – Waiter (J.Kerr)

Entered Dog  1st Bleasdale - Colonel 2nd Blackcombe - Pullton 3rd Bleasdale- Fairfax

Entered Bitch  1st Blackcombe - Famous 2nd Blackcombe - Dusk 3rd Bleasdale - Madam

BREED CHAMPION Champion: Blackcombe Reserve: Bleasdale – Colonel

TERRIERS:  Judge -  Mr Ian Jolly; Steward – Mr Joe Bell

Border Dog 1st Ghillie – S & K Golding 2nd Moss- M/s Gilles3rd Brandy – T. Whittam

Border Bitch 1st Venus – S & K Golding 2nd Tally – E. Gilles 3rd Bramble – B. Hocking

Jack Russell Dog - No entries

Jack Russell Bitch 1st Val – E.Liddle

Cross-bred Dog 1st Charlie – S & T Robertson 2nd Miner – D. Rayson 3rd Rusty – Mr Atkinson

Cross-Bred Bitch 1st Roxy – C. Simpson 2nd Cam – J. Rumney


Lakeland/Fell Dog 1st Red  - S & T Robertson 2nd   Ted - G & J Norman 3rd Baz – s. Louis

Lakeland/ Fell Bitch 1st Taz – G& J Norman 2nd Fern – S. Louis 3rd Zena – Mr Crawford

Champion/1st Dio – M/s Gillies

Reserve/2nd Chad – G & J Norman

3rd Peg – S & T Robertson


BREED CHAMPION Champion: Charlie – S& T Robertson Reserve: Ghillie – S & K Golding

LURCHERS: Judge -  Mr James Crellin; Steward – Ms Mandy Pattinson- Fawcett

Under 23 in Rough Dog or Bitch 1st Fly – M. Shaw 2nd – Floss – N. Valentine3rd Kai - Alan

Under 23in Smooth Dog or  Bitch 1st Lady –  S Nicholls 2nd Stamp –  S Nicholls 3rd Magic – A. Draper

23-26 in Rough Dog or Bitch 1st Gypsy – S. Ingram 2nd Sky – D. Gough 3rd Buddy - Bob

23-26in Smooth Dog or Bitch 1st Chester – G. Todhunter 2nd Sky – Mr Hartley 3rd TJay - Kelly

Over 26in Rough or Smooth dog or Bitch 1st Sunny – Mr Eccles 2nd Rio – Mr Hartley 3rd Solar – K. Martin

Champion/1sst Billy – S. Nicholls

Reserve/2nd Beaut – Mr Hartley

3rd Narla - Tammy


BREED CHAMPION Champion: Gypsy – S. Ingram Reserve:Chester – G. Todhunter

WHIPPETS:  Judge -  Mr James Crellin; Steward – Mrs Mandy Pattinson –Fawcett


Dog 1st Skip – S. Langcake 2nd  Ruben - Winskill 3rd Shadow - Martin

Bitch 1st Lexi – J. Wilson 2nd Kel – B. Shutt 3rd – Pippa – N. Wilson

Champion/1st Pagan –J. Wilson

Reserve/2nd Babs – A. Cloud-dale

3rd Boris – S. Langcake


BREED CHAMPION Champion: Skip – S. Langcake Reserve: Lexi – J. Wilson

GUNDOGS  Judge -  Mr Terry Pearson ; Stewards: Mrs Keeley Newman Jones & Mr Rob McMaster


A.V Veteran over 7 years

1st Alfie – Mr M Thorne (Weimaraner)

A.V Retriever 1st Breeze – E. Braithwaite (Lab) 2nd Coco - Ellie (Lab) 3rd Asha - Lee (Lab)

A.V Spaniel 1st Cara - Abbie 2nd Millie - Henrietta 3rd Poppy - Annie

A.V H.P.R 1st Clarenzio – K Jones (Bracco Italiano)

2nd Bella - M Thorne (Weimaraner)

3rd Millie - S Bland (HWV)

A.V Pointer/Setter 1st Ronnie – V. Gaskell (Pointer)

Gundog Open 1st Sadie – M Thorne (Weimaraner)

2nd Millie – S Bland (Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla)

3rd Ronnie – V. Gaskell (Pointer)

Under 12 months 1st Fizz - Kelly


Champion: Clarenzio – K Jones Reserve: Breeze – E. Braithwaite


Judge Mr Terry Pearson ; Stewards: Mrs Keeley Newman Jones & Mr Rob McMaster


Over 12 months 1st Bravo – T. Shannon (Griffen fauve de Bretton) 2nd Rocco – V. Gaskell 3rd Freya – V. Gaskell

CHAMPION Bravo Reserve Rocco

SHEEPDOGS: Judge - Mr Gavin Fearon; Steward – Mr Barry Todhunter


Dog 1st Toss – J. Loan

Bitch 1st Pip – S. Cartmel 2nd Flash – C. Eeles 3rd Gin – W. Tyson

Under 12 months 1st Joss – W. Tyson

BREED CHAMPION Champion:  Pip – S. Cartmell Reserve: Tos – J. Loan

STICK CLASSES: Judge - Mr Roy Hetherington; Steward – Mr Kenny Glendinnning


HORN CROOK 1st  R. Cannon 2nd R. Cannon 3rd H. Mason

WOOD CROOK 1st  M. Earl 2nd   R. Cannon 3rd R. Cannon

HORN WALKING STICK 1st R Cannon 2nd R. Cannon 3rd R. Cannon

WOOD WALKING STICK 1st  R. Cannon 2nd B. Lucas 3rd B. Lucas

HORN ORNAMENTAL 1st R. Cannon 2nd R. Cannon 3rd J. James

WOOD ORMAMENTAL 1st B. Lucas 2nd G. Smithson 3rd M. Earl

LADIES STICK 1st M. Earl 2nd B. Lucas 3rd G. Smithson

THUMB STICK 1st R. Cannon 2nd B. Lucas 3rd S. Whittwell


Champion: R. Cannon Reserve: R. Cannon