2016 Results

Best Group of 4: 1st E&E 2nd Ullswater 3rd E&E Cumberland
Best pair of foxhounds 1st Ullswater - Gunner/ Glider 2nd E&E – Duchess/Rascal 3rd E&E - Charmer/Marksman
Un-entered Dog 1st Ullswater - Gambler 2nd Cumberland Farmers - Cuthbert 3rd E&E - Dalesman
Entered Dog 1sst Blencathra - Sovereign 2nd Cumberland - Warlock 3rd North Lonsdale -Talisman
Un-entered Bitch 1st Cumberland - Treasure 2nd North Tyne -Ringlet 3rd E&E- Rebel
Entered Bitch 1st E&E - Blossom 2nd E&E - Rascal 3rd Blencathra -Memory
BREED CHAMPION Champion: E&E - Blossom Reserve: Ullswater - Gambler


Best Group of 4 1st Black Combe 2nd N/A 3rd N/A
Best pair 1st Black Combe - Famous/ Bounty 2nd Cumbria - Drifter/Carver 3rd Weardale & TeesValley - Skittle/ Signet
Un-entered Dog 1st Weardale & Tees Valley -Branwell
2nd Black Combe - Banker 3rd Black Combe -Bracken
Entered Dog 1st Weardale & Tees Valley-Sportsman
2nd Cumbria - Carver 3rd Black Combe -Chapman
Un-entered Bitch 1st Black Combe - Beauty 2nd Black Combe - Dazzle 3rd Black Combe - Bounty
Entered Bitch 1st Black Combe - Famous 2nd Black Combe - Dainty 3rd Black combe - Dusk
BREED CHAMPION Champion: Black Combe - Famous Reserve: Weardale & Tees Valley -Branwell


Lakeland/Fell Dog 1st Red – S. Robertson 2nd Rob – S. Robertson 3rd Ted – Jack Norman
Lakeland/Fell Bitch 1st Taz – G & J Norman 2nd Cracker – G & J Norman 3rd Peg – S. Robertson
Border Dog 1st Bertie – S. Clayton 2nd Digger – D. Pearson & A. Towers 3rd Max – L. Jackson
Border Bitch 1st Jess – I. Jolly 2nd Mandy – D. Pearson & A. Towers 3rd Bess – L. Jackson
Jack Russell Dog 1st Tam – G & J Norman 2nd Daz – S. Robertson 3rd Raby – Ms SmithFenton
Jack Russell Bitch 1st Missy – G & J Norman 2nd Snowy – J. Charters 3rd Jan – S. Moffat

Cross-bred Dog 1st Charlie – S. Robertson 2nd Stan – M. Allott 3rd Boss – D. Rayson
Cross-Bred Bitch 1st Blossom – S. Robertson 2nd Tilly – M. Allott 3rd Tara – Jack Norman
Any Variety Terrier 1st Bella – T. Hodkinson(Bedlington)
2nd Poppy Blue – T. Hodkinson(Bedlington)3rd N/A
Veteran Terrier 1st Sam – L. Jackson 2nd Tod – Jack Norman 3rd Dylan – P. Watson
Terrier Pairs 1st Mandy/Molly - D. Pearson & A.Towers2nd Ron/Reg – D. O’Neil 3rd Bramble/Breeze – B.Hocking
Under 12 months:Dogs1st Nip - C. Armstrong 2nd Bolt – G & J Norman 3rd Toddy – M. Allott
Under 12 months Bitch1st Nut – G & J Norman 2nd Patch – W. McKee 3rd Tyler – G & J Norman
PUPPY CHAMPIONSHIPChampion: Nip – G&J Norman Reserve: Nut – G & J Norman
BREED CHAMPION Champion: Taz – G& J Norman Reserve: Red – S & T Robertson


Under 23” RoughDog1st Bailey – I .Kemp 2nd N/A 3rd N/A
Under 23” RoughBitch1st Jet – A. Monk 2nd N/A 3rd N/A
Under 23” Smooth Dog1st Finn – J. Richardson 2nd Henry – E. Best 3rd Scar – S.Buckly
Under 23” SmoothBitch 1st Cora - Rookie 2nd Roxy – G. Todhunter 3rd Nell – M.Short
23-26” Rough Dog 1st Rebus – J. Richardson 2nd Sunny – M. Eccles 3rd Thor – K. Skivington
23-26” Rough Bitch 1st Rags – G & J Norman 2nd Skye – D. Gough 3rd Jess – B. Myers
23-26” Smooth Dog 1st Chester – G. Todhunter 2nd Milo – D. Sewell 3rd Rocco – H. Wilkin Cracker – S. Watson
23-26” Smooth Bitch 1st Skye – I. Hartley 2nd Smudge – R. Winters 3rd Star – M. Heskett
Over 26” Rough or Smooth dog or Bitch1st Gyp – B. Peacock 2nd Ruma – N. Dryden 3rd Oz – P. Parrington Luna – K. Martin
Lurcher Veteran 1st Lexi – N. Wilson 2nd Josie – J. Monk 3rd Scar – S. Eeckley
Lurcher Pairs 1st Luna/Smudge – J. Fleming 2nd Chester/Roxy – G. Todhunter 3rd Jet/Tess – J. Monk
Under 12 months Champion/1st Tip – P. Hankin Reserve/2nd Ruma – N. Dryden 3rd Nell – N. Oliphant
BREED CHAMPION Champion: Rags – G & J Norman Reserve: Gyp – B. Peacock


Dog 1st Alfie – N. Wilson 2nd Roscoe – E. Best 3rd Boris – S. Langcake
Bitch 1st Snowy – I. Kemp 2nd Millie – L. S Speakman 3rd Nell – M. Rook

Veterans 1st Paige – I. Kemp 2nd – N/A 3rd – N/A
Whippet Pairs 1st Belle/Lillian – S. Langcake 2nd Ted/Alfie – D. Wilson 3rd – N/A
Under 12 months Champion/1st Lily – N. Wilson Reserve/2nd Lillian – S. Langcake 3rd Belle – L. S Speakman
BREED CHAMPION Champion: Alfie N. Wilson Reserve: Snowy – I. Kemp


Gundog Veteran 1st Rosie (Labrador)– A. Tate 2nd Charlie (English Springer spaniel) –W. Box3rd Ralph (Flatcoat Ret) – H.Raine
Gundog Puppy 1st Taransey (Gordon setter)– D. George-Plunkett 2nd Judy (Labrador) – S. Richardson 3rd Ruby (ESS) – J. Charters
A.V Spaniel 1st Ruby (English Springer Spaniel) – N. Charters 2nd Wizard (ESS) – W. Box 3rd Jasper (Cocker Spaniel) – E. Willis
A.V Retriever 1st Chance (Labrador) J. Robinson 2nd Bear (Curly coat retriever) M.Jacques 3rd Coco (Lab) – E. Morland
A.V Hunt Point Retrieve 1st Enzo (Italian Spinone) A.Marshall-Wyer
2nd Millie (Hungarian Wire-haired Vizsla) – S. Bland3rd Heidi (German Wirehaired Pointer) S. Law
A.V Pointer or Settler
1st Phadraig (Gordon Setter) D. George-Plunkett
2nd Ronnie (English Pointer) V. Darlow 3rd N/A
BREED CHAMPION Champion/1st: Phadraig (GordonSetter) D. George-PlunkettReserve: Ronnie (English Pointer) V.Darlow

Puppy Champion Taransay (Gordon Setter) Reserver Judy - Labrador

AV Hound Open 1st Bravo (Griffon Fauve de Bretagne) – A. Marshall-Wyre  2nd Quinn (Deerhound) - D. Wilson 3rd Bella (Beagle) M.Ousby
Champion Hound Bravo Reserve Quinn

Pastoral open 1st Shaky (Pyrenean Mountain Dog) -P Wyre2nd Lexi (German Shephard) - E.Meese3rd Pip (Border Collie) - S.Cartmell

Under 12 months Champion/1st Takka (PyreneanMountain Dog) L. Holmes Reserve/2nd Bob (Rough Haired Collie) S. Stobart
3rd Belle (Bearded Collie)A. Edmondson
BREED CHAMPION Champion: Shaky (Pyrenean
Mountain Dog)– P Wyre Reserve: Takka (PyreneanMountain Dog) L. Holmes




Novelty Classes

Dog with the waggiest tail1st Rio – R. Stevens 2nd Jazz – K. Crosland 3rd Flash – M. Jakes
Dog with the longest ears 1st Poppy – D. Ousby 2nd Ruby – N. Charters 3rd Jazz – K. Crosland
The best 6 legs 1st Jess – L J Gutkowski 2nd Bodie – J. Morland 3rd Amber – J. Willers
The dog that looks most like it’s owner 1st Flint – K. Stevens 2nd Coco – E. Morland 3rd Alfie – C. Lister
The dog the judgeswould most like totake home
1st Tess – R. Gibson 2nd Ronnie – V. Darlow 3rd Poppy – D. Ousby
Children’s Pet dogs 1st Tess – L. Gibson 2nd Chance – S. Robinson 3rd Lexi – H. Crosland


Horn Crook 1st B. Cannon 2nd B. Cannon 3rd B. Cannon
Wood Crook 1st B. Cannon 2nd S. Whitwell 3rd B. Cannon
Horn Walking Stick 1st B. Cannon 2nd B. Cannon 3rd B.Lucas
Wood Walking Stick 1st B. Cannon 2nd S Whitwell 3rd B. Lucas
Horn Ornamental 1st B. Cannon 2nd B. Cannon 3rd B. Cannon
Wood Ornamental 1st B. Cannon 2nd B. Cannon 3rd B. Cannon
Ladies Stick 1st B. Lucas 2nd B. Cannon 3rd B. Cannon
Thumb Stick 1st B. Cannon 2nd S. Whitnell 3rd B. Lucas
STICK CHAMPION Champion Stick: B. Cannon Reserve Champion Stick: B Lucas