Best Group of 4:

1st Cumberland

2nd  Eskdale & Ennerdale


Best pair of foxhounds

1st Eskdale & Ennerdale

2nd Cumberland

3rd Melbreak


Un-entered Dog

1st Bewcastle Dancer

2nd  Cumberland Denman

3rd Ullswater Driver

Entered Dog

1st Cumberland Warlock

2nd Eskdale & Ennerdale Roamer

3rd Eskdale & Ennerdale Marksman

Ullswater Nimrod

Un-entered Bitch

1st Coniston Dreamer

2nd Eskdale & Ennerdale Lonely

3rd Melbreak Crafty

Entered Bitch

1st Eskdale & Ennerdale Rascal

2nd Cumberland Farmers Primrose

3rd Ullswater Gossip


Foxhound Puppy

1st Coniston Dreamer

2nd Eskdale and Ennerdale Lonely

3rd Melbreak Crafty

Foxhound Champion

Champion: Eskdale & Ennerdale Rascal

Reserve: Coniston Dreamer

Foxhound Puppy Championship

Puppy Champion:  Coniston Dreamer

Reserve: Eskdale & Ennerdale Lonely


Best Group of 4

1st Blackcombe

2nd Blackcombe

3rd Blackcombe


Best pair

1st Blackcombe

2nd Blackcombe

3rd Bleasdale


Un-entered Dog

1st Blackcombe Facey

2nd Airedale Dandy

3rd Blackcombe Salesman


Entered Dog

1st Cumbria Drifter

2nd Blackcombe Bracken

3rd Airedale Tarmegen


Un-entered Bitch

1st Blackcombe Fantail

2nd Blackcombe Solo

3rd Cumbria Dancer   


Entered Bitch

1st Airedale Swallow

2nd Blackcombe Favour

3rd Blackcombe Dainty


Beagle Puppy

1st Blackcombe Fantail

2nd  Airedale Dandy

3rd Blackcombe Scarfell

Beagle Champion

Champion: Airedale Swallow

Reserve: Blackcombe Fantail

Beagle Puppy Champion

Blackcombe Fantail

Reserve Airedale Dandy



Dog with the waggiest tail

1st Poppy – D. Ousby

2nd Rio – H. Ewart

3rd Theo – L. Ball

Dog with the longest ears

1st  Lacey – K. Nichol

2nd Willow – D. Rowlinson

3rd Poppy – D. Ousby

The best 6 legs

1st Kenzi – A. Lomas

2nd Tess – R. Gibson

The dog that looks most like it’s owner

1st Tess – R. Gibson

2nd  Rio – H. Ewart

3rd Kenzi – A. Lomas

Dog the judges would most like to take home

1st Poppy – D. Ousby

2nd Rosie – L. Copeland

Children’s Pet dogs

1st Theo – L. Ball

2nd Tess – R. Gibson

3rd Mouse – H. Stamper



Lakeland/Fell Dog

1st  Red – S & T Robertson

2nd Rob – S & T Robertson

3rd Pep – C. Armstrong


Lakeland/Fell Bitch

1st  Judy – M. Allott

2nd Fudge – L Stephenson


Border Dog

1st  Brogan – G. Wildey

2nd Dougal – A. Johnson

3rd  Fergal – A. Johnson


Border Bitch

1st Breeze – W. Hocking

2nd Molly – A. Johnson

3rd Mabel – D. Elliott


Jack Russell Dog

1st  Bolt – G & J Norman

2nd Buddie – R. King

3rd Tam – G & J Norman


Jack Russell Bitch

1st  Tyler – G & J Norman

2nd Jill – R. King

3rd Phylis – J. Richardson


Cross-bred Dog

1st  Carter – I. Church

2nd Taylor – I. Church

3rd Stan – M. Allott


Cross-Bred Bitch

1st  Keira – I. Church

2nd Dot – S & T Robertson

3rd Roxy – M. Allott


Any Variety Terrier

1st  Baxter – S. Gregg

2nd Willow – D. Rowlinson

3rd Islay – S. Greig


Veteran Terrier

1st Ben – A. Bell

2nd Cara – A. Johnson

3rd Molly – J. Sanderson

Terrier Pairs

1st Bramble/ Breeze – W. Hocking

2nd Molly/ Dougal – A. Johnson

3rd Phylis/ Bumble – J. Richardson

Under 12 months: Dogs

1st Chip – M. Allott

2nd  Tag – M. Allott

3rd Woody – K. Fell


Under 12 months Bitch

1st   Nell – W. Todd

2nd   Costa – G. Wildey

3rd Midge – L & P Scott


Terrier Puppy  Puppy Championship

Champion:   Chip – M. Allott

Reserve:  Nell – W. Todd


Terrier Champion

Champion: Carter – I. Church

Reserve: Breeze – W. Hocking


Puppy 6 – 12 months

Champion/1st Bubba – J. Morrison

Reserve Champion/2nd – Jake – S. Birkett

3rd Bolt – R. O’Leary

Under 23” Rough Bitch

1st Rags – G & J Norman

2nd Bess – G. Tynan

Under 23” Smooth Dog

1st Finn – J. Richardson

2nd  Henry – E. Best

3rd Ted – B. Stephenson


Under 23” Smooth Bitch

1st Dusk – S. Nicholls

2nd Rosie – J. Marley


23-26” Rough Dog

1st Rex – S. Eccles

2nd Rebus – J. Richardson

3rd Sunny – S. Eccles


23-26” Rough Bitch

1st Boz – J. Thompson

2nd Nell – S. Hartshorn

3rd Shamrock – S. Jinks

Sky – D. Gough


23-26” Smooth Dog

1st Corba – M. Warrener

2nd Milo – D. Sewell

3rd Jango – M. Warrener


23-26” Smooth Bitch

1st Smudge – J. Fleming

2nd Luna – J. Fleming

3rd Lexi – S. Jinks


Over 26”  Rough or Smooth dog or Bitch

1st Gyp – B. Peacock

2nd Joe – J. Birbeck

3rd  Bailey - Jackie


Lurcher Veteran

1st Sky – D. Gough

2nd Sunny – S. Eccles

Lurcher Pairs

1st Gyp & Bell –B. Peacock

2nd Rock & Milo – H. Wilkin

3rd Luna & Smudge – J. Fleming

Lurcher Champion

Champion: Rex – S. Eccles

Reserve: Gyp – B. Peacock




1st Alfie – D. Wilson

2nd Rocco – E. Best

3rd Boris – S. Langcake


1st Fly – D. Lofthouse

2nd Lily – N. Wilson

3rd Cilla – G. Langcake

Whippet Pairs

1st Jay & Lily – S. Langcake

2nd  Archie & Penny – J. Lloyd


Dog Puppy

1st A. Bell - Dash

2nd Zuber – G. Langcake

3rd Jai – D. Wilson

Bitch Puppy

1st  Masie – J. Hine

Reserve/2nd Roma – G. Langcake

3rd Lady – N. Wilson

Puppy Championship

Champion: Dash – A. Bell

Reserve – Masie – J. Hine

Whippet Champion

Champion: Fly – D. Lofthouse

Reserve: Alfie – D. Wilson

2017 Results

Supreme Puppy Champion - Consiton Dreamer (Foxhound) A Cummings

Supreme Champion - Fly (Whippet) D Lofthouse


Gundog Veteran

1st Tizzle – V. Stockdale (Labrador)

2nd Tilly – A. Fox


Puppy 6 – 12 months

1st Merlin – D. Hammond

2nd Theo – L. Ball

3rd Charlie – L. Stainton


A.V Spaniel

1st Scout – D. Crawford

2nd Misty – K. Nichol

3rd Poppy – D. Ousby


A.V Retriever

1st Chance – G. Robinson

2nd  Tizzie – V. Stockdale

3rd Sam – S. Robinson


A.V Hunt Point Retieve

1st Otto – D. Crawford

2nd Storm – A. Siddall

3rd Arlo – L. Hammond


A.V Pointer or Settler

1st Ronnie – V. Gaskell


Gundog Champion

Otto (Hungarian Wire haired Vizsla)

Reserve: Ronnie (Pointer)

Puppy Champion

Merlin - German SH Pointer

Reserve - Theo (Spaniel)



AV Hound Puppy

1st Melisant - Wyer


AV Hound Open

1st Bravo – A. Wyer

2nd Bella – D. Ousby

3rd Seth – V Parsons


AV Hound Champion

Champion Bravo – Griffon Fauve De Bretagne – A. Wyer

Reserve Bella – Beagle – D.Ousby



Pastoral open

1st Slicker – J.Wyer

2nd Pip – S. Cartmell

3rd Flash – C. Eeles



1st Macy – R. Beasley


Pastoral Champion

Slicker (Pyrenean Mountain Dog) J. Wyer

Reserve Macy – Belgian Shephard Dog – R. Beasley


Horn Crook

1st B. Lucas (142)

2nd M. Earl

3rd B. Cannon

Wood Crook

1st T. Wilson (226)

2nd B. Cannon

3rd S. Whitwell

Horn Walking Stick

1st G. Smithson (197)

2nd  B. Cannon

3rd B. Lucas

Wood Walking Stick

1st B. Cannon (161)

2nd M. Earl

3rd  G. Smithson

Horn Ornamental

1st B. Cannon (175)

2nd G. Smithson

3rd B. Cannon

Wood Ornamental

1st  B. Cannon (172)

2nd M. Earl

3rd B. Cannon

Ladies Stick

1st G. Smithson (208)

2nd B. Cannon

3rd H. Mason

Thumb Stick

1st G. Smithson (189)

2nd B. Cannon

3rd H. Mason


Champion Stick: G. Smithson (208)

Reserve Champion Stick: B. Cannon (161)