Exhibitor Information


All classes are ENTER ON THE DAY, no pre entries are accepted. All classes are FREE to enter, donations will be welcomed and appreciated. Foxhound and Beagle classes are for REGISTERED PACKS ONLY. All other hounds can be entered in the Hound classes. Entries will be taken on the field from 1000.

Should entry figures be high, classes MAY be split into dogs and bitches at the judges discretion. The decision to split any class will be made in the ring prior to the commencement of judging the class.

Classes in red first in the ring 1200 PROMPT start.








Children’s Pet Dog and Handler

The dog with the waggiest tail                  

The dog with the longest ears                   

The best 6 legs                

The dog that looks most like it’s owner                 

The dog the judge(s) would most like to take home


FOXHOUNDS: For registered Packs

*Foxhound Puppy (6-12mth old) from any reg pack                        

Best Group of 4 Foxhounds from any reg.  pack                            

Best Pair of Foxhounds from any reg.  pack  

Un-entered Foxhound Dog from any reg. pack                             

Entered Foxhound Dog from any reg.  pack                             

Un-entered Foxhound Bitch from any reg.  pack                    

Entered Foxhound Bitch from any reg.  pack                             

Foxhound Championship and Puppy Championship

BEAGLES: From registered packs

*Beagle Puppy (6-12mth old) from any reg pack

Best group of 4 Beagles from any reg. pack                             

Best Pair of Beagles from any reg. pack              

Un-Entered Beagle Dog from any reg. pack                             

Entered Beagle Dog from any reg. pack                

Un-Entered Beagle Bitch from any reg. pack                             

Entered Beagle Bitch from any reg. pack               

Beagle Championship and Puppy Championship




Terrier Puppy aged 6 - 12 months old

Lakeland/ Fell type Dog               

Lakeland/ Fell type Bitch                            

Border Dog                       

Border Bitch                     

Jack Russell Type Dog                   

Jack Russell Type Bitch                 

Cross-bred Dog               

Cross-bred Bitch                            

Any Other Variety Terrier Dog or Bitch                  

Veteran Terrier (all varieties 7 years +)                  

Best any pair of Terriers  

Terrier Championship and Puppy Championship                          


*Lurcher Puppy aged 6 - 12 months

Under 23” Rough Lurcher Dog                  

Under 23” Rough Lurcher Bitch                

Under 23” Smooth Lurcher Dog               

Under 23” Smooth Lurcher Bitch                            

23”-26” Rough Lurcher Dog                       

23”-26” Rough Lurcher Bitch                     

23”-26” Smooth Lurcher Dog                    

23” -26” Smooth Lurcher Bitch                 

Over 26” Rough or Smooth Dog or Bitch               

Best Veteran (any Lurcher 7 years +)                      

Best pair of any Lurchers                           

Lurcher Championship and Puppy Championship


*Whippet Puppy aged 6-12 months

Whippet Dog                   

Whippet Bitch                 

Whippet Veteran (7 years +)                     

Best pair of Whippets                  

Whippet Championship and Puppy Championship



*Gundog puppy aged 12 months and under 

Any Variety Gundog Veteran (7 years +)                 

Any Variety Spaniel                       

Any Variety Retriever                   

Any Variety Hunt, Point Retrieve                             

Any Variety Pointer or Setter     

Gundog Championship and Puppy Championship



*Any Variety Hound Puppy aged 6 - 12 months

Any Variety Hound Open - Over 12 months                             

Any Variety Hound Veteran (7 years +)                 

Any Variety Hound Championship and Puppy Championship


*Pastoral Puppy aged 6 - 12 months

Pastoral Open dog or bitch                        

Pastoral Veteran (7 years+)                      

Pastoral Championship and Puppy Championship


BEST PUPPY IN SHOW–  All Champion Puppies

(Puppy Champions from classes marked * only)

BEST IN SHOW - All Champions



Horn Crook       

Wood Crook     

Horn Walking Stick         

Wood Walking Stick       

Horn Ornamental           

Wood Ornamental         

Ladies Stick       

Thumb Stick      

 Judging Order

Ring 1 - Foxhounds, *Best Puppy in Show and Best in Show

Ring 2 - Beagles

Ring 3 - Whippets

Ring 4 - Lurchers

Ring 5 - Terriers

Ring 6 - Childrens Pet Dogs, Novelty Classes

Ring 7 - AV Hound, AV Pastoral, Gundogs and collecting ring for Supreme and Puppy Championships

*on completion of judging in all rings


To be announced

Please note the judges names will not be published in advance of the show.