Best Group of 4:

1st Cumberland

2nd  Ullswater

3rd Ullswater


Best pair of foxhounds

1st Cumberland Farmers

2nd Cumberland

3rd Ullswater

Un-entered Dog

1st Ullswater Trigger

2nd  Haydon Poacher

3rd Cumberland Shamrock

Entered Dog

1st Blencathra Scafell

2nd Mellbreak Crummock

3rd Melbreak Drummer

Haydon Pagan

Un-entered Bitch

1st Melbreak Roxy

2nd Ullswater Crafty

3rd Bewcastle Beauty

Entered Bitch

1st Cumberland Treasure

2nd Cumberland Farmers Primrose

3rd Melbreak Crafty

Melbreak Corrie

Foxhound Puppy

1st Haydon Poacher

2nd Ullswater Cracker

3rd Ullswater Crumble

Ullswater Crystal

Foxhound Champion

Champion: Blencathra Scafell

Reserve: Cumberland Treasure

Foxhound Puppy Championship

Puppy Champion: Haydon Poacher

Reserve: Ullswater Cracker


Best Group of 4

1st Bleasdale

Best pair

1st Blackcombe

2nd Bleasdale

3rd Bleasdale


Un-entered Dog

1st Bleasdale Challenger

2nd Cumbria Ash

3rd Bleasdale Trickster

Entered Dog

1st Bleasdale Beckford

2nd Bleasdale Witson

3rd Blackcombe Flint

Un-entered Bitch

1st Bleasdale Vision

2nd Illmister Wanda

3rd Bleasdale Chatterbox 

Entered Bitch

1st Bleasdale Magpie

2nd Blackcombe Dazzle

3rd Blackcombe Madam

Blackcombe Famous

Beagle Puppy

1st Bleasdale Challenger

2nd  Cumbria Lawless

3rd Bleasdale Villager

Beagle Champion

Champion: Bleasdale Magpie

Reserve: Bleasdale Beckford

Beagle Puppy Champion

Bleasdale Challenger

Cumbria Lawless


Dog with the waggiest tail

1st Eva – S. Robinson

2nd Tyra - J Maitland

3rd Whispa P Armstrong

Dog with the longest ears

1st  Lacey – K. Fox

2nd Theo - L Ball

3rd Hackett - B Walker

The best 6 legs

1st Ruby - A Baines

2nd Milo - W Henderson

3rd Esther - M Robinson

The dog that looks most like it’s owner

1st Precious - M Robinson

2nd  Ruby - A Baines

3rd Coco - J Rothwell

Dog the judges would most like to take home

1st Theo - L Ball

2nd Candy - R Stevens

3rd Eva - S Robinson

Children’s Pet dogs

1st Precious - M Robinson

2nd Hackett - B Walker

3rd Mouse – H. Stamper


Lakeland/Fell Dog

1st  Mick - C Armstrong

2nd Bob - C Nixon

3rd Digger - L Scott

Lakeland/Fell Bitch

1st  Cracker - G and J Norman

2nd Fudge - M Stephenson

3rd Brock - D Dawson

Border Dog

1st  Fergal - A Johnson

2nd Dougal – A. Johnson

3rd  Ted - A Johnson

Border Bitch

1st Tess - D Elliott

2nd Molly – A. Johnson

3rd Venus - K Golding

Jack Russell Dog

1st Yogi - S Parkin

2nd Tam - G and J Norman

3rd Gibbs - H Smith Fenton

Jack Russell Bitch

1st  Patch - K Todhunter

2nd Candy - S Parkin

3rd Trudy - S Parking

Cross-bred Dog

1st  Paddy - J Crow

2nd Curly - J Richardson

3rd Teddy - A McGurgh

Cross-Bred Bitch

1st  Peggy - J Crow

2nd Bell - L Jackson

3rd Fidget - S Davies

Any Variety Terrier

1st  Coco - J Rothwell (SBT)

2nd Islay - S Greig (Bedlington)

3rd Baxter - S Greig (Bedlington)

Veteran Terrier

1st Sam - L Jackson

2nd Vera - Lowther

3rd Brae - S Golding

Terrier Pairs

1st Diesel/Holly - M Cullen

2nd Molly/ Dougal - A Johnson

3rd Lady/Vera - Lowther

Under 12 months: Dogs

1st Diesel - M Cullen

2nd  Jones - S Guthrie

3rd Gunner - D Dawson

Under 12 months Bitch

1st   Molly - S Parkin

2nd   Tally - G and J Norman

3rd Molly - M Cullen

Terrier Puppy  Puppy Championship

Champion:   Diesel - M Cullen

Reserve:  Molly - S Parkin

Terrier Champion

Champion: Yogi - S Parkin

Reserve: Tess - D Elliot


Puppy 6 – 12 months

Champion/Socks – N Crieghton

Reserve Champion/2nd – Rose B Myers

3rd Ester - D Kirtles

Under 23” Rough Bitch

1st Meg - J Crellin

2nd Bessie - G Tynan

Under 23” Smooth Dog

1st Finn – J. Richardson

2nd  Henry – E. Best

3rd Zeul - J Haslop

Jasper - A Everett

Under 23” Smooth Bitch

1st Gem - C Smith

2nd Jet - F Flanagen

3rd Eve - D Kirkup

23-26” Rough Dog

1st Rebus - J Richardson

2nd Tavern - J Crellin

3rd Rex - Mr Eccles

Keeper - D Robinson

23-26” Rough Bitch

1st Dixie - J Crellin

2nd Pip - J Briggs

3rd Maggie - L Harper

23-26” Smooth Dog

1st Mick - J Crellin

2nd Enzo - F Flanagen

3rd Jake - S Birkett

23-26” Smooth Bitch

1st Bella - A Everett

2nd Peg - R Wray

3rd Sal - A Bell

Over 26”  Rough or Smooth dog or Bitch

1st Paddy - G Tynan

2nd Riley - A Everett

3rd  Belle - B Peacock

Lurcher Veteran

1st Gypsy - J Crellin

2nd Lexi - N Wilson

3rd Blaze - N Creighton

Lurcher Pairs

1st Riley and Bella - A Everett

2nd Jet and Enzo - F Flanagen

3rd Gyp and Belle - B Peacock

Lurcher Champion

Champion: Meg - J Crellin

Reserve: Bella - A Everett



1st Zuber - J Langcake

2nd Jack - M Smith

3rd Wesley - J Austin


1st Roma - J Langcake

2nd Lulu - J Lloyd

3rd Ice - G Wilson

Whippet Pairs

1st Penny and Lulu - J Lloyd



1st Roo - J Jones

2nd Diesel - L Findley

3rd Pepper - J Hine

Puppy Championship

Champion: Roo – J Jones

Reserve – Diesle - L FIndley

Whippet Champion

Champion: Roma - J Langcake

Reserve: Lulu - J lloyd

2018 Results

Supreme Puppy Champion - Skye (German WH Pointer) A Fox

Supreme Champion - Blencathra Scafell (Foxhound) S Stobart


Gundog Veteran

1st Tilly - A Fox (Sprocker)

2nd Chester - R Armstrong (ESS)


Puppy 6 – 12 months

1st Skye - A Fox (GWP)

2nd Gin - V Smith (Lab)

3rd Milly - I Lowes (Cocker)


A.V Spaniel

1st Ollie - H Smith Fenton

2nd Gaiters - A Grieve

3rd Milly - M Lowes


A.V Retriever

1st Trigger - J Mason (Lab)

2nd  Chance - J Robinson (Lab)

3rd Smoo - F Grieve (Lab)


A.V Hunt Point Retieve

1st Hector - Mr and Mrs Ray (Bracco)

2nd Storm – A. Siddall (GSP)

3rd Ruby - T Barnes (GSP)


A.V Pointer or Settler

1st Ronnie – V. Gaskell


Gundog Champion

Hector (Bracco Italiano)

Reserve: Trigger (Lab)

Puppy Champion

Skye - GWP

Reserve - Gin



AV Hound Puppy

1st Hackett - S Holmes (Minkhound)


AV Hound Open

1st Millicent - A Marshall Wyer (GFdeB)

2nd Kipling - J Wallace (Foxhound)

3rd Braco - P Wyer (GDdeB)


AV Hound Champion

Champion Millicent – Griffon Fauve De Bretagne – A. Wyer

Reserve Kipling - Foxhound



Pastoral open

1st Taka - P Wyer (PMD)

2nd Milo - B Henderson (BC)

3rd Rob - S Anderson (BC)

Pip - S Cartmell (BC)

Zana - A Anderson



1st Shaky - J Wyer (PMD)

2nd Callie - A Anderson


Pastoral Champion

Take (Pyrenean Mountain Dog) P Wyer

Reserve Milo – B Henderson


Horn Crook

1st B. Lucas

2nd M. Earl

3rd B. Cannon

Wood Crook

1st G Smithson

2nd M Earl

3rd G Smithson

Horn Walking Stick

1st G. Smithson

2nd  B. Cannon

3rd B. Lucas

Wood Walking Stick

1st S Whitwell

2nd M. Earl

3rd B Cannon

Horn Ornamental

1st B. Cannon

2nd G. Smithson

3rd M Earl

Wood Ornamental

1st  M Earl

2nd G Smithson

3rd B. Cannon

Ladies Stick

1st B Cannon

2nd B Lucas

3rd G Smithson

Thumb Stick

1st B Cannon

2nd B. Cannon

3rd B Lucas


Champion Stick: B Cannon (Horn Orn)

Reserve Champion Stick: B. Lucas (Horn Crook)